Welcome guys, today you will be playing in a quiz. You want to finish the quiz in the shortest time possible. Whoever completes the quiz in the shortest time will win..... wait  for it..... wait for it...... Immunity. Who'da guessed that? Oh wait everyone because its an immunity challenge duh :p 

Anyway, the link is here: http://www.sporcle.com/games/Mersey/Sweden

Now, at the reward challenge, Alfons won an advantage. Your advantage is that what ever score you get you will have 10 seconds subtracted to it. Meaning your time will be shorter. 

E.g. If you finish the quiz in 2:23, your score will become 2:13. 

I hope you all have fun in this challenge, remember you can play as many times and you like. :p 

You have until 5:00AM UTC time on the 9th of October to do this challenge. Send it to the e-mail and good luck