Hello guys, It is time for you all to drop your buffs. We are shuffling this up. That's right a tribe shuffle it happening right here and right now. Here is how the shuffle is going to work; you all have 24 hours to choose a number between 1 and 13. Comment the number you want on this thread. These numbers will choose the new tribes. If someone doesn't choose a number, their number will be chosen at random. Make sure you send your numbers within the 24 hours.


Number 1 - Alfons

Number 2 - Matthew

Number 3 - Blake

Number 4 - Ryan

Number 5 - Lincoln

Number 6 - monkey

Number 7 - Aston 

Number 8 - RP

Number 9 - Matt

Number 10 - Ali

Number 11 - Eddie

Number 12 - DB

Number 13 - Crtha

Good luck guys, some of you may need it.