Behind each of you is a torch, take one and dip in the fire. In this game fire represents life. When your fire is gone so are you. Tonight that will be the case for one of you. Before we get to the vote, I have a few questions for you; 

Alfons: Well done on your score at the challenge. It was the top score of the challenge. But only you competed from this tribe... How does it feel to be the only member of this tribe to compete in the challenge? 

DD: The tribe chose you to sit out of the challenge. Did you have a say in that? 

Everyone else: You guys didn't compete in the challenge. Why? Was it strategy? Or were you busy? Tell me why you didn't compete. 

You guys have a little bit over 24 hours to vote. You have until 9:00 AM UTC time. Anyone who doesn't vote WILL receive a self-vote. Please send your vote to OR you may send your vote to me on Facebook.