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• 8/11/2013

Hidden Immunity Idol Clue

Each tribe will have a clue to the hidden immunity idol. To get it you must solve complete these sentences and rearrange them to complete a phrase.
I never really had an ____ (Maria Sharapova).
___ can't handle the truth! (Jack Nicholson),
Say 'hello' to my little ______! (Al Pacino)
I'm ___ king of the world! (Leonardo DiCaprio)
I ____ always depended on the kindness of strangers. (Vivien Leigh).
I'll get you, __ pretty, and your little dog too! (Margaret Hamilton).

You may enter the phrase once every 12 hours. First person to solve the phrase from each tribe wins the idol. And to make things interesting, you can't give the idol to others unless you're giving it to someone at tribal council (eg. Russell Hantz giving Parvati the idol in HVV). Happy guessing everyone. Send it to

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• 8/11/2013
What do you mean by rearranging them?
• 8/11/2013
Rearranging the underlined words.
• 8/12/2013

I got it, but im not playing :P

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