Come on in guys. For todays immunity challenge, I want each tribe to create 2 tribes' buffs (1 for Loki and the other for Thor), a tribe flag (1 for Loki and the other for Thor) and the potential season logo. Once each tribe has sent in their tribe's potential flags, buffs and logo I get 3 anonymous people to judge each tribe's entries. If 1 tribe has entered all 3 while the other 1 hasn't, the 1 that hasn't will go to tribal. The tribe with the highest total at the end of this challenge will win immunity, while the loosing tribe will be going to tribal council where someone will be the first person voted off. You may only submit each of these only once. The deadline is August the 13th at 07:00 (UTC time). Good luck. (Oh you might want to have something on topic to do with the Norse like Vikings and frost giants.)