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Vote Ryan (or not, your choice)

Well, Hi. Jumping right in, I am aware I will be criticised for my inactivity, and if you are voting solely on activity, stop reading as just vote Lincoln right now.
Although over the past several Tribal Councils I became inactive, it didn't start out that way. In the beginning of this game, I started out in a 5-person majority alliance called "The 5 Vikings", consisting of Blake, Alfons, Monkey and Matthew. We controlled Thor pre-tribe switch, but lost contact sometime between the tribe swap and merge. Aside from that, I tried staying close with friends like Blake, DB, and Alfons, for their trust. Post-merge is when my activity decreased, for several reasons. After the blowout at Final 9, lots of drama went down, drama I wasn't apart of and had no interest in being in. I began to lose contact of what was going on with the game, as it kept progressing without me. Also, this was the same time as I was on Korea, as well as another ORG, which made me set my priorities. I tried to keep them even as long as possible, but I just gravitated toward Korea more. As you can see on the voting table, I self-voted 4 times. However, not all of those were due to activity. WHen the rule was instituted that self-voting would only prevent you from competing in the next challenge, I used it as a way to say I "forgot to vote", and be able to delay my decision of who to side with. Although I did not intend to become inactive, I just generally lost interest in this org, with it just not being what I was used to. But, hey, if that can get me at least to 2nd place, I must've done something right?
So, to wrap it up, I know how I played, I know how I didn't play, and If you vote for Lincoln, I totally understand your decision. I'm not begging for vote, but rather informing the jury that I may be more than meets the eye. So, good luck on your decision, and I'd be willing to answer any questions that anyone has. :)
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